Upload a one page image of your annotations of “Speaking in Tongues” to this discussion. Here is an example of a student’s annotations of a different reading as they conducted a close reading. That im

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Upload a one page image of your annotations of “Speaking in Tongues” to this discussion. Here is an example of a student’s annotations of a different reading as they conducted a close reading. That image shows what annotations could look like. You should develop your own style, your own set of symbols and marks for annotating. This is a couple of pages from a novel, but everything you read should be annotated, whether it’s a play, poetry or prose.

Part I: Throughout “Speaking in Tongues” the author shares her  personal experiences with the reader. However, the reader quickly learns that social, cultural, historical or political nuances affect their narratives. In your own words, how do you think these nuances affect their narratives?

Part II:  Examine the Smith’s argument, identify a critical problem and propose solutions to address the problem by completing the following steps:

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Number your work with the following instructions before your answers:

1) Introduce the article and the writer.2) Explain what you believe is the overall point of the article by examining the author’s argument. 3) Isolate a quote in the reading this week that identifies a critical problem, that you agree or disagree with. Use MLA formatting and in-text citation to incorporate your quote.4) Explain the quote using your own words. (Paraphrasing)5) What do you think about the topic beyond what the article stated? What solution might you offer to address the problem?

Step One: Using “Speaking in Tongues,” choose two quotes you might include if you were writing an essay on social identity.

Step Two: In two separate paragraphs, one devoted to each quote, introduce your chosen quote, cite it using MLA in text parenthetical citation, then follow with an explanation of the quoted material. Your post should be well thought out, written in complete sentences, and in good grammatical standing.

Step Three: Using MLA formatting, document the source as you would on a Works Cited page.


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