Use the files I upload . Read it carefully, Finish the mind map, make it more details. Also part 2 is four questions, answer it.Part three: My topic is  To inform the audience Food Culture in Hong

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Use the files I upload .

Read it carefully, Finish the mind map, make it more details.

Also part 2 is four questions, answer it.

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Part three: My topic is

To inform the audience Food Culture in Hong Kong.

So for part three write out your speech foundation information and provide one claim (this will end up being one main point) and your supporting evidence. This is an example of what one claim with evidence should be organized.

A. Main point written as an overarching claim (not a question or a piece of evidence)

1.   Evidence that supports this claim (with the citation)

2.  Additional evidence that supports this claim from a different source

a, Details about this evidence that shows how it supports the claim

b. Additional details about this evidence perhaps from a different source that                       perhaps shows in  a different way how the evidence you provide in 2 supports                 or explains that claim you are making about your topic.

Use the files I upload . Read it carefully, Finish the mind map, make it more details. Also part 2 is four questions, answer it.Part three: My topic is  To inform the audience Food Culture in Hong
CMST&220 – Chapter Concept Reading Notes 3 Chapters 9 & 11 and Late Policy To get us started in reading the chapter material and prepare us for the Class Discussions you are being asked to do Chapter Notes for some of the assigned reading chapters. You can do these freehand or by using a software that can help you create the visual map of your reading. Part 1: Each map should be ORGANIZED to include the following areas: Key ideas (hint: major section headings are a good place to start) Terms/vocabulary—include the definition (hint: usually bolded in the text) Examples from the text Your experiences or learning around this topic More detailed maps and thorough receive higher scores. Part 2: As you complete the assigned Chapter Notes answer the following questions: 1. What were some vocabulary words that you would like to understand more clearly? 2. What surprised you in the readings? 3. What examples in your life from your experience with the Public Square do you have of these concepts or particular concepts that you found interesting or relevant? 4. What confused you or made you want to find out more? When you have completed your reading notes answer these four questions in detail on another paper and bring it to class. Part 3 Additional Pre Activity for class: At this point you have an approved central idea for your speech. You should now be doing research and be ready to create your Informative Speech Outline using the concepts and ideas from this chapter. From your research so far, create one possible Main Point (claim) with evidence from your sources so far. Bring this to class with you for discussion You only need to provide one main point with supporting evidence which shows that you are beginning to create the development of your ideas for your speech. There are a number of ways to construct a Concept Map. Check out these links to see which way most fits you. This is a free online concept mapping tool that uses Google Drive: Another free download: Another free tool for either Windows or Macs: Of course, you can also do a freehand concept map (especially if you are artistically inclined). Remember: color is important in aiding your recall of the material so…be colorful, use images or whatever else will help you remember what you read. Late Policy: Life often gets in the way of study. To accommodate that, four our class you have 3 Late Passes as noted in the syllabus (the full description of this policy is there). Bring the printed/hard copy of the Chapter Concept reading notes on the day it is due on time for class (you must print it before class). If you take notes on the chapter but do not answer the four questions you will receive 8 possible points (if it is not detailed it will be much lower) You will receive 10 points for a completed map (answering the questions and covering the chapter(s) assigned) and your presence in class for discussion. If you show up without your map because you did not finish the map or did not do the work. You can use a Late Pass and you will receive 10 points if submitted by the end within the four day deadline. If you miss class for any reason or use a Late Pass and turn the map in within four days and you will receive 8 points.

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