Value Proposition Paragraph

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Evaluate and choose ONE experience with which you can highlight skills and experience required for the job you chose that makes you a good candidate. You’ll use that experience to argue your value proposition – that is, what you bring that can benefit the employer. Write one paragraph proposing the value that best relates to the needs of the employer. This paragraph needs to assert one specific experience you have, give evidence from that experience that proves you have skills and experience required for the job, and connect to why that skill can be of benefit to the employer. This paragraph will turn into an internal paragraph for your next writing assignment: writing a cover letter.

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Important Writing Tips for your paragraph

Open with an assertive topic sentence. Make the topic sentence of your paragraph a “road map” to the entire paragraph by asserting the experience you have and how it relates to what’s required for the job.

Make sure your evidence follows the road map. Make sure you use a specific example – not two or three – and detail that example with data and specifics. Don’t just list job duties – make an argument and use results to prove it.

Conclude with a statement that wraps up and highlights the importance of what you have proved. Make sure that you connect your skill to how you can use it to benefit the employer.

Example Value Proposition Paragraph

For this example, the student is applying for a Charities and Community Relations internship with the Oklahoma City Thunder (NBA team). The job posting lists a few things that the student relates to in the paragraph, including assisting with special events and fundraisers, managing donations, being enthusiastic about working in a sports-related field, and having a background in community service.

I have a strong background in executing charity events from serving as my fraternity’s philanthropy chair. My role was to coordinate quarterly events benefitting the Children’s Hospital of Oklahoma University. My duties included booking the venue, food, and entertainment; marketing the event; managing the RSVP’s; delegating to and managing volunteers; and managing donations. Over eight events, I increased our fraternity’s participation and our annual total dollar amount donated by over 25%. My knowledge can help the Thunder organize events that will help both the team and local organizations in need.

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