Visiting Artist

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Attend at least one of the following Visiting Artist Series presentations hosted by Cinema Department, and write an analysis on the work shown at the presentation. Focus on the concepts and formal approaches employed by the artist, and include your personal reflections.

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Rose Lowder will present FORYANNFROMROSE (2014), TURBULENCE (2015),

TARTARUGHE D’ACQUA (2016), and BOUQUETS 11-20 (2005-09)

France, ca 50 min.

The Bouquets films, like most all of Lowder’s films, are characterized by a rapid-fire perceptual workout generated by frame-by-frame photography. She exposes her scenes at alternating increments, introducing a vibration or alternation between two distinct positions or, in many cases, subjects, thereby depriving cinema of its standard capacity to replicate “normal” vision. This natural look, we might call it, is replaced with a tense, heightened dialecticism, which electrifies that which might otherwise mistake for being inert. Although the Bouquets (and other Lowder films) contain all sorts of images drawn from in and around Lowder’s home in provincial France, the image which has become her standard recognition baseline (a kind of cine-avatar, if you will) is the flower, either in isolation or dispersed across gardens in color-organized beds. Lowder’s flowers don’t just sway in the wind. Her single-frame shifting whips the flora into a kind of molecular frenzy. Frequently, another view—a hillside, a home, even an animal—will intersect with this flower motion, its dominant melody allowing the unexpected content to function as counterpoint. – Michael Sicinski, TIFF Wavelength 2011

For many years Rose
Lowder has been developing
an exceptional technique of
weaving together images
gathered frame- by-frame to
form meticulous patterns of
light. By oscillating the focal
plane of photographs shot in
the same place over time,
her layered tapestries
produce a new relationship
between �ilmed reality and
�ilmic image. From the
movement of a waterwheel’s
rotations, mirroring the
camera mechanism, to a
bouquet of �lowers
becoming a bouquet of
images, her work
demonstrates a unique
means of expression
unparalleled in the world of

Here is the link for the part of film ( BOUQUETS 11-20 (2005-09) ):…


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