Watch a documentary about white privileges and answer some questions

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As you view the documentary from the link I attached below, please answer the following questions. I’ll give more details for you If you need.

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1. According to Wise, what is white denial? How is it prevalent in our society today?

2. Do you believe racial discrimination is a significant national problem? Why or why not? (You should justify each of your answers)

3. How are minority groups compared – and positioned in relation – to the dominant white group? Be sure to give examples other than those from Wise’s lecture.

4. How would you describe what it means to be “white”? How does your own cultural identity impact your answer?

5. Describe how Tim went through the Majority Identity Development Stages in this documentary. (This should be relate to the beginning of the documentary)

6. What contemporary examples show that the “creation of whiteness” has continuing ramifications? In these instances, which members of society are advantaged and which are disadvantaged? Is it possible for some members to be both advantaged and disadvantaged at the same time? Explain. A short paragraph is fine.

7. After viewing this, please reflect on your own identity. Please give me your honest reaction to the following: A) How did this affect your perception of white fragility and white dominance? B) How do you identity? A quick list is good. List all of your identities. This is different than your cultural groups.

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