Welcome to our Paper Three Writing Prompt! Last week’s writing task asked you to share a specific skill that you would like to develop mastery in. This week, you’ll write a paper that explains exactly

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Welcome to our Paper Three Writing Prompt!

Last week’s writing task asked you to share a specific skill that you would like to develop mastery in. This week, you’ll write a paper that explains exactly how to become an expert at that particular skill! For instance, if your Writing Task was about becoming an expert Roller Derby player, your paper this week would explain exactly how to go about doing that.

This paper will require you to find a few outside sources to guide your writing. You should have a clear sense of the specific steps required to develop expertise with the skill you are focusing on, and you should look to experts in the field for guidance.

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While our previous papers followed a five-paragraph essay structure, the structure of this paper will depend on the number of steps required to become an expert at your chosen skill. You may choose to group steps together, as long as they are related (for example, if your skill requires you to attend undergraduate, masters, and doctoral level courses, you can lump those steps together into one paragraph) or you can focus individual paragraphs on each individual step (for instance, if your paper focuses on baking the best chocolate chip cookies, you might devote individual paragraphs to each ingredient and each step of the baking process). The number of paragraphs you write depends on the number of steps it takes to become an expert at your chosen skill, as well as the choices you make as to whether or not you group similar steps.

You should include an introduction that contextualizes the paper for the reader. Consider explaining the value of becoming an expert at stand-up comedy or skateboarding. The introduction should include a main point (thesis) for your paper, which demonstrates that you are moving beyond a personal desire to master a skill and are able to recognize the inherent value of that skill. What will this skill help you do for others? How will it improve your life and the lives of those around you?

Body paragraphs will address the steps required to develop mastery or expertise. Each step should be clearly broken down and explained, using source material to offer detail and clarify concepts. Remember that this is an academic paper; you need to clearly explain the steps, offering context and detail for the reader. Do not just write a list of steps. 🙂

A final conclusion will explain why this skill is important to you. You can write about why you are interested in this particular skill; you should also identify role models and key figures who have influenced your interest.

This paper should be a minimum of three pages and a maximum of five pages. If you need to write more than five pages, please email me ahead of time to let me know. This page count does not include your Works Cited page.


As always, papers should follow MLA format. Follow the MLA style specifications for font, spacing, text alignment, and content (review our MLA presentation if you are having trouble).

Make sure that you cite your sources appropriately both within the text and in a Works Cited page.

Use a minimum of three outside sources to inform your paper (the maximum number of sources you should use is five).

Submission Deadlines

Your third paper should be submitted by 8pm on Tuesday, July 28th. The final deadline for submissions is 11:59pm on July 28th.

Submit your work as a .doc, .docx, or .pdf.

This is your final assignment for English 1A. Review your work carefully before submitting. Submissions will receive a final grade, but not feedback.


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