What are the parameter for closing a sale.

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Assignment 4: Closing Sale

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It’ s time fto feedback and close the deal. Assume the role of Alex (See chapter 9 role play for both part 1 written.

a) Review chapter 7: Role Play- characters involved, setting the stage and Terry’s role.

Tracy Brown’s role- Tracy has been a customer of Alex’s for twelve (12) years, and a high level of trust exists in the business relationship. Although, Tracy will have some questions and minor concerns/objections about the new product. (you can make this up in advance as well as come up with some during the actual presentation)nultimately Tracy will agree to the purchase without giving Alex too much trouble.

b)Review chapter 8: Role play characters involved , setting the stage and Alex’s role

Abe Lewis Role- Alex must prepare and present a maximum 10 minute presentation to Tracy about Happy Teeth. He wants her to stock the product in the front end of each Max’s Pharmacy and to feature Happy Teeth in an upcoming online adat a special price of $ 5.00 off, for which Upland will compensate in promotional pus monies. Alex would like to sell three dozen paer store for a total order of 24 dozen.

C) Review chapter 9: Role Play: Characters involved, setting the stage, and Alex’s role, he’s getting ready to call on Tracy to promote Happy Teeth. Part 1 (written) 1) Describe the feedback you received the feedback to improve your negotiation and closing of the sale.

2) Describe at least two closing common closing mistakes and how to avoid them 1) harboring a bad attitude 2) Failure to conduct an effective approach 3) talking and not listening.

3) Identify the closing approach that you will use to close.

a)Identify the best possible format to demonstrate the product.

5) Predict at least three (3) verbal signals from the buyer that would indicate its time to close.

6) Identify the sales presentation strategy that you will use to close.

a) Explain why you chose this approach.

7) USe at least 3 quality resources in this assignment.


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