“What if ” fictional writing

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The “What if” Game

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As you see in Chapter 20 of Three Genres, there are some exercises to get you warmed up and writing. For this discussion, I’d like you to imagine “What if?” For example, what if your sister developed the ability to fly? Would you be jealous or proud? How would you explain her to friends? Or what if all the dogs of the world rebelled against their masters on the same day? I’d like you to write a list of “what ifs.” Be inventive, have fun, and there is no limit to your imagination for this. Once you have the list, choose one and write for ten minutes exploring a scene in which this event came true. When completed, post the list and the paragraph to the discussion board.

Your posts should be thoughtful, substantial, and properly proofread before posting.

Question: What if an alien knocked on your door and asked if it could stay with you until it was picked up?


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