What is the future of the form of Musical Theatre?

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What is the future of the form of Musical Theatre?

Before completing this assignment please read the above four articles. Please use some of their points in your response. If you note the biggest Broadway smash in years Hamilton is not included in this presentation as it is covered in your final.

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Here is what a recent article in the Wall StreetJournall said:

“What’s Wrong With the Broadway Musical?” by The Wall Street Journal’s Terry Teachout – “When I last wrote about the decline of the Broadway musical in this space nine years ago, I cited the growing dominance of the commodity musical as the No. 1 problem facing the genre. I still see these shows as roadblocks that stand in the way of fresh creative thinking. But I now regard them as a symptom, not a cause. The real problem goes deeper.

Broadway musicals were central to American pop culture well into the ’60s. Their songs were played on the radio and performed on top-rated TV variety shows, and in due course the best of these shows were turned into hit movies. … Back then, everybody from Frank Sinatra to Elvis Presley to Ray Charles sang show tunes. … Once our common culture started cracking up, it was inevitable that the Broadway musical would lose its creative footing. “Fiddler on the Roof,” the last indisputably great golden-age musical, opened in 1964, six months after the Beatles made their fateful appearance on “The Ed Sullivan Show.” Within a couple of years, show tunes had vanished from Top-40 stations, never to return. …

A half-century later, Broadway is still trying—and failing—to catch up with the Beatles. … In the meantime, America’s common culture has disintegrated: No particular style of music appeals strongly to more than a fraction of the public at large. As a result, there is no longer a universal language in which artistically ambitious musicals can be written … That’s why producers embrace the commodity musical, with its built-in audience of fans: It’s the safest way to draw a crowd big enough to turn a profit.

I continue to believe in the creative promise of the large-scale musical. … And wonderful though it has been to witness the well-deserved successes of “Hamilton” and “The Band’s Visit,” I won’t feel good about the American musical again until Broadway figures out new ways to produce really big shows that are equally appealing to a rising generation of serious-minded theatergoers.” http://bway.ly/tzfxs

You have read what critics (and I) have guessed will be the future of musical theatre. Using sound files, photo imagery, concert footage, or more…, describe what you think would best connect to a current audience of people between the ages 15 and 30. How can someone in the future better tell a story using music, dance, and acting? What must change? What must be enhanced or altered?

Your submission must be two pages double-spaced. minimum 300 words. MLA format.

Please refer to the rubric (found under the syllabus tab) to make sure your assignment meets the standards for:

  • Originality of Thought
  • Clarity of Thought
  • Following directives from assignment
  • Use of concepts from past assignments, readings, videos and presentations
  • Ability to examine the collaborative nature of musical theatre from various perspectives
  • Grammar and Spelling

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