What personal ethics and values are you bringing with you as you enter training as a counselor?, psychology homework help

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This paper is not required to be in APA format, and is intended to provide the student with an opportunity for in-depth reflection on their experiences and values. This paper should be a minimum of 3-5 pages. The guiding questions for the reflection paper are as follows:

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  • What personal ethics and values are you bringing with you as you enter training as a counselor?
  • What messages did you get from your family and friends about groups of people different from yourself (ethically or culturally) and how they see right and wrong behaviors?
  • When you compare and contrast your personal values with those of the profession, where is the match and where is the mismatch? What cultural shedding might you need to do?
  • What personal morals are most important to you and how do they align with or conflict with the ACA and AMHCA code of ethics?
  • To what degree might your personal needs get in the way of your work with clients? How can you recognize these needs without having them interfere with your work with others?
  • In what circumstances would you consider referring a client to another professional because of a value conflict between you and your client? Can you think of other ways to manage the conflict without referring the client?

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