Write 10 pages thesis on the topic person-centered care and interprofessional practice.

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Write 10 pages thesis on the topic person-centered care and interprofessional practice. burden on his family or may even be due to post-stroke depression. His inability to

support himself, bladder catheter, insulin injections, many drugs, and a lack of social life

in the hospital environment would have played roles in the composite and complicated

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picture that Tom presented. He looked depressed, irritated. he would have emotional

lability, sometimes to the extent of extreme irritation when he would seek help, when he

would have a severe bout of coughing with respiratory distress, when someone would

approach him with blood sugar tests or insulin injection. He would object strongly to the

catheter, would ask to remove it, would pull it, and would express doubts in capability

and efficiency of the care professionals when told, perhaps, he will have to tolerate the

catheter throughout his life.

The Nurse’s Role

As a first year nurse, my role is limited in his care, except for making his beds.

repositioning him on the bed. assisting him in sitting up, bathing, toileting, and feeding.

and talking to him. As a result, I had enough time to observe the care of Tom and think

about it. He was cared for by a multidisciplinary team of physicians and healthcare

professionals: a neurophysician, a pulmonologist, an endocrinologist, a urologist, a

physiotherapist, a respiratory therapist, and the team of senior nurses were involved in his

care (Deber, R.B., 1996). As the youngest member of the team, it was a thrilling

experience for me to be included in the team, but to be honest, I had hardly anything to

say. I kept my thoughts to myself and took this opportunity to analyse Tom’s care to

explore whether a person-centric care in an interprofessional collaborative environment

happened or not.


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