Write 10 pages thesis on the topic water neutrality in the severn trent region.

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Write 10 pages thesis on the topic water neutrality in the severn trent region. The link between the government vision and policy on housing and the Severn Trent water project is clearly elaborated. The essay is elaborated as a resource material from a consultant water engineer. In the paper, the various procedures and processes that the Severn Trent water project can put under consideration in order to attain their goal towards water neutrality in the region are stated in the paper. The required resources for the Severn Trent water project are stated in the paper. The outcomes of the water neutrality project in the Severn Trent region. The paper gives the outcome and the benefits of the project to the involved parties, which come out clearly in the conclusion paper.

Water resource management is a key concept that any water-supplying project should consider in their operation. Underwater resource management, the concept of water neutrality stands as its foundation. Water neutrality refers to the concept or a project in water management which targets to make sure that there is enough water to support any development without requiring additional water resources. The concept of water neutrality targets at sustaining the increasing water demands and the progressive developments with the same water resources that are existing. In an elaborate view, the particular water project will struggle to achieve the increasing water demand due to the new developments without the addition of any water resource in their project. In our case, we are taking the Severn Trent to the water project, and the process that they should follow in order to achieve water neutrality taking into consideration the new government policy on increasing housing to over 3 million new houses by 2020. This technical research shows how the Severn Water Project should work out to ensure adequate water supply to the whole region, inclusive of the development involving the new housing. The project takes into consideration the use of the already existing water resources to meet the increasing water demands in the region.


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