Write 13 pages with APA style on European Tourism Marketing Research Information.

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Write 13 pages with APA style on European Tourism Marketing Research Information. According to WTO was due to the decrease in pent – up travel demand which was brought about by the 2001-2003 period. It was in this period where terrorism was at its prominence especially with the bombing of the World Trade Center in the United States thereby forcing people from postponing their travel. When the fear had somewhat waned, there was an influx of travel demand which has been slowly been dissipating leading tourism experts to dampen their expectations for the year 2007.

The United Kingdom is experiencing a demographic shift from married life to being single as shown by the rise in the number of independent singles. According to the World Tourism Market Report, single-person households accounted for almost 30% of all households in the UK for the year 2005. Over the past 25 years, the average age of first marriage has increased significantly rising to 28 years for women and 30 years for men in 2005 as compared to the age of 22 for women and 24 for men in the 1980s. Without a doubt, singles now represent a major consumer group in the UK.

What is important to recognize in singles is that their lifestyle is now characterized by a focus on career and busy social life. When it comes to holidays, therefore, many singles are looking for a wide variety of leisure services and activities that offer relaxation or help to alleviate stress created by day-to-day living. Furthermore, career-minded singles are more inclined to spend their higher-than-average disposable income on treating themselves, rather than on family life. This presents a high return on investment potential for those targeting their travel products and services at this growing consumer group.&nbsp.

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According to the Euromonitor World Tourism Market Report 2006 report, tourism operators need to bear in mind that in order to appeal to a wide consumer base of single holidaymakers, they need to respond to the financial, social and emotional needs and interests of those who holiday alone. It is recommended that due to the prevailing social stigma associated with being unattached travel operators should focus their offering on safety, socializing and providing a unique experience to those who travel solo.

As singles continue to dominate UK society, the phenomenon of holidaying alone is becoming popular. The singles market, therefore, represents one of the most potentially profitable and as yet undeveloped areas of the UK tourism industry. Singles, for example, are more inclined in adventurous holidays and extreme sports so hobbies, such as trekking, surfing, bird watching, horse riding or yoga, as well as spa retreats and exotic city breaks, are all niche markets which would do well to cater to the needs of single travelers.

The consumer base of single travelers can be split into two different groups. On the one hand are independent travelers seeking thrills, and new, liberating experiences to contrast with their high-stress workload. On the other hand, however, there are those looking to potentially find a partner, using holiday operators as a form of dating agency. A specialist ‘singles’ travel operator can easily cater to both target markets.


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