Write 2 pages with APA style on Online and Offline Clothing/Fashion retail sales.

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Write 2 pages with APA style on Online and Offline Clothing/Fashion retail sales. Important Stats&nbsp. How many Fashion/Clothing retailers are located in the US?&nbsp. Conducive research indicates that approximately 4.5 million stores arelocated in USA. The United States Labor of Department concludes that retail is comprised of about 40% of all commerce in USA. Hence, this suggests a strong sense of retail and commerce in this commerce sphere. According to the latest report from US Census Bureau, the industry continues to make an impact with sales in $4.3 million. However, the market has become very saturated which continues to threat retailer all around the world. Moreover, the recession has continue to left its mark that has left its impact on retailers internationally and domestically. The current outlook of the fashion industry continues to look decent as it is expected to rise by 11% but can be diminished through constant competition.

How many Menswear Fashion/Clothing retailers are located in the US?&nbsp.

From the perspective of the industry, around 2 million stores of menswear are located in America. Stores such as JoS A. Bank, Menswear house and Express have gained the most share in their quest to thrive the market. Since older gentlemen need to wear corporate wear, these stores have the amazing ability to mesh style and creativity with corporate clothes. The revenue that has been accumulated from men’s clothing has been up to $8.8 billion, which shows that companies are still making sales in this recessive environment. Furthermore, the projected annual growth for menswear is unfortunately expected to go down by -2.6% due to heavy competitions that has erupted from the advent of e-commerce. With the international fashion industry booming and competing to attract customers through websites, the “brick and mortar” websites have struggled to attract customers.

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Since women fashion continues to be the focal point in US, research indicates that around 3.5 million stores accommodate for women shopping. Sales continue to progress for women’s clothing 6% annually as revenue has accumulated to $39 billion in revenue. The annual growth for this industry is 1.5% which continues to be slow but steady. With so many businesses competing, the women sector has become a pinnacle for style, price, and promotion. Stores such as Forever 21, Urban Chick, and GAP have to compete at a larger-scale than ever before.

How many Kids Fashion/Clothing retailers are located in the US?&nbsp.

Kids fashion compromise of 1 million nationwide. According to research, the kid’s retail industry has suffered because of the fierce competition that has aroused. However the U.S. Census remains to be hopeful that the market will have some chances for growth from 2012 to 2015. Since mortality rates continue to improve, the decision of families of having kids will continue to increase domestically. This will force retailers to accommodate for the baby boom and create more styles to accommodate that market. Statistics prove that parents are becoming very well-aware of brands and understand that fashionable clothing is a must for their child. Hence, much emphasis is driven to create stylish clothing for infants.

How many Women Fashion/Clothing retailers are located in the World?&nbsp.

According to research, approximately 8 million women clothing retailers are located in the world. Fashion has been the focal point in many countries especially in Europe and Asia even with different demographic and cultural ideals. Counties such as India continue to make huge splashes in fashion with low cost development of low labor within. Moreover, many counties have begun to manufacture in lower parts to decrease their cost and create channels for revenue.

How many Menswear Fashion/Clothing retailers are located in the World?

Statistics indicate that around 5 million menswear fashion clothing retailers are located internationally. The number seems to be down because of the fact that men in poor countries do not have the purchasing power to buy expensive clothes. Moreover, much emphasis of clothing is given to females rather than males. In parts such as UK, men fashion have become also slowly declining due to the recession, which has the retailers worried about the current scenario. Customers have continued to cut back on spending which has made retailers create fashion and style think outside the box.

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