Write 5 pages with APA style on Analysis of Celebration of Discipline by Richard Foster.

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Write 5 pages with APA style on Analysis of Celebration of Discipline by Richard Foster. The book, Celebration of the Discipline, presents Foster’s aspiration overview of the Christian faiths’ classical disciplines. Foster avers that spiritual growth is acquired only through these central spiritual practices. By dividing the disciplines into three forms in which the spirit moves, inward, outward and corporate, Foster explicates the saliency of these disciplines in striking a balance in spiritual faith. The Inward Disciplines include fasting, meditation, prayer and study intend to provide a person with a form of self-examination and change. On the other hand, Outward Disciplines include solitude, service, submission and simplicity and are calculated to aid in the preparation of Christians in their bid to ameliorate the world. Finally, the Corporate Disciplines include celebration, confession, guidance, and worship, which aim to bring Christians closer to God, besides drawing the Christians close to one another. Moreover, Foster supports each of the discipline’s exploration with quotes from scholars and Scriptures that aid in drawing Christians closer to God. In addition, the author depicts the importance of integrating love, hope, and faith in the spiritual journey and the gains of embracing discipline in one’s life.

Foster uses personal experiences and scriptures to establish that it is possible for Christians to adopt these disciplines into their daily lives and the role they play in bringing the copiousness of God into their lives by shedding off the superficial habits. With equal importance, each discipline has explanations and the anticipated challenges in practising the disciplines. However, an important insight into simplicity highlights how it can bring a balance in our inward and outward lives besides bringing us joy. Through simplicity, the author asserts that Christians will be able to appreciate God’s provision as a gift to all as opposed to a single person. In addition, the author expounds on&nbsp.the celebration, a Disciplines that is often ignored, to show its saliency as it stands at Christ’s heart.


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