Write 5 pages with APA style on Archetypes in the Play Hamlet. These experiences include survival, struggle, birth, life, love, death, and religion.When Hamlet learned about his father’s demise and th

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Write 5 pages with APA style on Archetypes in the Play Hamlet. These experiences include survival, struggle, birth, life, love, death, and religion.

When Hamlet learned about his father’s demise and that Claudius is a snake of the Garden of Eden that slithered his way into the heart of Gertrude, he said, …Sleeping in my Orchard, a serpent stung me” (I.V.35). “The serpent that did sting they father’s life now wears his crowns” (I.v.39-40). The lines stated above relate to Eve in the Bible and how she listened to the Serpent’s words and made her cursed which led her to death.&nbsp. In the beginning, Hamlet’s Eden is Denmark where he has comfort but later on refers to Denmark as similar as being in a prison (II.ii.236) The statement shows the manner in which Claudius has not been taking good care of Denmark but has been a king in title only. According to Hamlet, Claudius was one of the worst things that happened to Denmark for the lack of correct leadership the guard’s work is to protect the country from any form of innovation, instead the guards are either asleep or drunk. Hamlet says, “…tis an unneeded garden, that grows to seed. things rank and gross in nature/ Possess it merely” (I. ii. 134-136).

Later on, in the speech, it is clear that the disgust Hamlet has towards the world results from the disgust he feels at the fact that his own mother is sleeping with his biological uncle. He laments that one should not spread the compost or manure on the weeds to make them better in ranking (III.iv.151-152). Hamlet warns his mum to stop committing the sin before the (Eden) or country falls apart because of the king of the wicked king. Hamlet as a play is autumnal and there are some indirect references relating to the autumn season (III.iv.151-152). Hamlet’s death occurred during the end of the autumn season. As the play continues, the recurrence of death gets more prevalent and corresponds to the plays slow segues into the season of winter.

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Winter in the play has a connection with the un-weeded garden and the manner in which Claudius is causing falling apart of Denmark and corrupted with death. The main characters finally die at the end of the play and this be connected to the winter. The white snow that comes during the winter season has a relationship with play because white of the snow can be regarded as purity and this implies that death is purity. Of all those characters that died in the play, they found purity value in their deaths. In the pay, physical objects are rarely used to symbolize thematic ideas. In the first scene of Act V, one of the most important omissions is the skull of Yorick that Hamlet notices in the graveyard. As Hamlet speaks to the skull and about the king former jester’s skull, he fixates on the inevitability of death and the disintegration of the body. Hamlet recommends the skull to get to the chamber of his woman, and tell her to paint it a thickness of an inch and in favor, she has to go. Hamlet insisted from the statement above that there is nobody who can make it to avoid death (V.i.178 – 179).&nbsp.


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