Write 5 pages with APA style on Does Foreign Aid Help Governments and Their Societies.

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Write 5 pages with APA style on Does Foreign Aid Help Governments and Their Societies. In developing countries, the level of income generated is not adequate to push for development of social and economic structures. The governments need to borrow loans for such kind of developments. Major statistics show that the majority of economic and social development is because of foreign aid. Apart from giving loans, developed countries have taken a step further and directly participated in launching the development projects. These projects have increased accessibility of interior areas that require infrastructure to transport raw materials. The aid has enabled the aided governments to archive dreams that could have taken a long time to archive (Akramov 25).

Another boost of foreign aid is in increasing the tax revenue in the country. The foreign loan received, helps in establishing various development projects. These may include setting up of industries, importing raw materials, establishing educational institutions and introducing modern technology. All these projects will in the lead to economic growth. Meaning, industries will provide employment to individuals. The educational institution helps to increase various skills in the market including modern technology, thus improve production. Above all, the loan received has improved economic development and translated to an increase in tax revenue for the country (Alex & Peter 3).

Foreign aid is helpful&nbsp.for developing countries in meeting emergencies. Developing countries face many challenges and catastrophes. Some are due to natural causes such as floods, drought or violence caused by different scenarios. Others are due to the spread of chronic diseases that require control and creation awareness to the people. Such kind of urgencies requires a quick, large amount of money to put things back together.

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