Write 6 pages thesis on the topic comparison and contrast of politics and the english language by orwell and mother tongue by tan a.

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Write 6 pages thesis on the topic comparison and contrast of politics and the english language by orwell and mother tongue by tan a. George Orwell remains a well-known English novelist from the last century and produced numerous recognized essays. His prosperous work ‘Politics and the English Language’ extensively criticizes humans to use clear language that flawlessly expresses the true meaning, instead of using a pretentious diction to blur the intentions. Based on the articles, it is notable that the writing of ‘Politics and English Language’ was occurred in a time when political misdemeanor was intense. The use of words and language was perhaps the only way to justify their actions. For the Army, the article ‘Mother tongue’ depicts prior mass immigration inclusive Chinese foreigners in the U.S.

Thesis: The two authors’ focuses on the English language have both similar and different respects. They share on precision and simplicity, but diverge in their focus. for the army, it’s about dialect and it’s power /limitation while for Orwell is centered on grammar and syntax to abstract words/meanings for political reasons.

Diversity of English language: Army’s essay demonstrates a clear experience of people caught up in a situation where language and communication with the surrounding people were based on their perception and interpretation. Though she tends to speak standard formal English in school and the public speeches, she admits she uses different (fractured/broken) English while communicating with her mother. Experiences and interaction with people of different dialects and, no matter how formal or informal they speak English demonstrate their passion for the language, style of communication, clear ability to construct images, and make impressions (Tan harvard.edu). The author affirms that people clearly use different ways of the English language to make sense of an issue or their thoughts.

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Understanding of voice: From Army’s article, it’s clear that people are born in their world of languages. they learn to speak it and despite the changes in the environment, these unique dialects will always find their way back depending on whom you surround yourself with.


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