Write 7 pages thesis on the topic social equity venture fund. Fairbanks is one of the Co-Founders of S.E.VEN which is a philanthropic foundation run by entrepreneurs whose aim is to increase the rate

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Write 7 pages thesis on the topic social equity venture fund. Fairbanks is one of the Co-Founders of S.E.VEN which is a philanthropic foundation run by entrepreneurs whose aim is to increase the rate of diffusion of enterprise solutions to global poverty by producing films, books, and original research, and we shouldn’t neglect his views and advice.&nbsp.

First of all, and the most important thing for the people of Rwanda is that we have an entrepreneurial spirit, which is the only thing most developing countries have in common. All other things, all sought and possibly found solutions do not fit all developing countries. Each of these countries’ governments should make their own best choice. Since Rwanda is mostly a rural environment, I’d suggest we start encouraging entrepreneurs in establishing their small businesses in the area of agriculture, especially honey production. The figures show that national demand for honey was 1,625 tons in 2006. This demand will increase to 13,789 tons by 2020. We have the capacity and good conditions for organic honey production, which is preferred all over the world. We have to stimulate entrepreneurs to invest in capacity building and organization of beekeepers, meaning replacing old traditional beehives that collect about 7 kg each with new modern ones that collect about 20 kg each. This will result in attaining self- sufficiency for honey, even excessive amounts of honey meant for sale on international markets, and of course creating new job positions. I dare suggest beekeepers be given subventions of 30 EUR per beehive. Furthermore, in regards to agriculture, I suggest entrepreneurs invest in the construction of many small factories all around the country (where fruits and vegetables are raised) for processing and preserving of the biggest part of the produced vegetables and fruits, again not only for domestic markets but meant for export, too, not forgetting of course modernization and mechanization of the farms, and reminding specialized import-export companies of the importance of modern fertilizers, whose use, unfortunately, is underdeveloped in this country. Another major and I’d say leading government foreign exchange source is the export of coffee and tea. In order to increase this foreign exchange, we also must have entrepreneurs who will clearly understand the importance of constructing modern coffee production capacities.

This agricultural, sectoral policy is in close correlation with all of the rest of the policies like the trade policy, wage policy, fiscal and monetary policy, and of course direct foreign investment policy.

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The first and very important goal of monetary policy is high GNP and low unemployment. Society wants the output of newly-produced goods and services to equal productive capacity, or, in other words, actual GNP should equal potential GNP. High GNP is associated with high employment. To achieve this goal (high GNP and low unemployment) entrepreneurs have to think about the factors of production (labor, capital, and land).&nbsp.


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