Write a 5 pages paper on the strengths and weaknesses of the educational system in ghana.

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Write a 5 pages paper on the strengths and weaknesses of the educational system in ghana. This project stresses that one of the main strengths of the educational system in Ghana is the government initiative. The government is supportive of the education in the country and has provided many schemes and programs that are supportive of education, both at the basic and advanced levels. Further, these programs have also been instrumental in encouraging students to study. For example, the government provides free education to children of school age. The government has also opened a lot of schools in the country so that education is accessible to students who may be located in faraway places in the country. The government had enacted the Education Act in 1960, which sought to provide free education to students. This report makes the conclusion that the educational system in the country is benefited by the reform-oriented mentality of the educational planners in the country. This means that reforms to the educational systems have been implemented, which in turn has improved the quality of students in the country. For example, until recently, the educational system was mostly based on traditional systems of education, which had its own drawbacks. The reforms that were implemented in the nineties ensured that vocational and job-oriented courses were incorporated into the curriculum. This meant that more students were able to make a living from the training that they received at school and college. Reforming the content also helped in decreasing the number of drop-outs from schools. This is because students were interested in the vocational curriculum that offered them a chance to make a better living. On the other hand, traditional educational content was boring to many students, which encouraged them to discontinue their studies.

Reforms in the educational structure

The government had initiated junior secondary schools (JSS), which offers a three year combined training program in vocational, technical, and academic studies. The JSS system replaced the four-year middle school and the first three years of the traditional five-year secondary school system. After JSS, students can opt for a further three years of training at senior secondary schools (SSS). After completion of the SSS, students can enter polytechnic institutions or universities. This system was a marked departure from the previous model in which students spent a considerable amount of their time in schools pursuing courses that were not suited to their liking. The shift from a curriculum that enforced on them by the system to a module that was to their liking has altered the outlook of students and has encouraged them to commit themselves to education before trying to embark on a career of their choice.

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Weaknesses of the Education system in Ghana

One of the prime weaknesses of the education system in the country is that the government has not been able to maintain many of the programs that it had started, in order to help poor students. For example, even though the government enacted the Education Act in 1960 that was envisaged to provide free education to most of the students, statistics show that students are paying for their textbooks.&nbsp.


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