write a good resumé seeking a job at Walmart

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write the resume based on the guidance provided by the textbook ( text book guidelines are copied below) . You may also include other input, such as Andrea Cordray’s workshop. Your intended audience for this resume is Walmart and you’re seeking to be a manager. Tailor the resume for a position (internship, fulltime job, etc.) that you could perform for the firm if they pursued the opportunity you recommended for them.

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Before writing your résumé, study the job announcement carefully, looking at the key words and seeing how many you can match with your skills. If there’s a good match, then make a list of your work experience, including

• dates you’ve worked,

• names and addresses of the companies you’ve worked for,

• your primary duties on your various jobs,

• special projects you’ve worked on,

• equipment and software you’ve used,

• problems you’ve solved or challenges you’ve faced, and

• savings you’ve made for the company.

Do and Don’t:


  • Keep the résumé to two pages.
  • • Use lists and white space for reader friendliness.
  • • Make sure your lists are parallel.
  • • Use 12-point body font and 14-point headings
  • • Use sans-serif fonts such as Arial for headings, even if your body type is also sans serif (sans-serif fonts are “sticky” on the eye).
  • • State your career goal or objective at the beginning.
  • • Proofread your résumé with extreme care to avoid even the smallest grammatical, spelling, wording, or factual error. Don’t:
  • Don’t include high school experience unless it’s very relevant.
  • • Say whether you are male or female, unless the job is seeking someone in a specific gender category. • Say whether you are married or single.
  • • Say your religious affiliation.
  • • Say what ethnic or racial group you belong to, unless you are applying for a job seeking a person in a specific ethnic or racial category.
  • • include personal details that aren’t relevant to the position you are
  • In your résumé, mention specific product names, industry standard names (such as health and safety training), and detailed statistics (such as the number of employees you’ve managed, calls handled per day, or products assembled per week). Don’t say “familiar with software”: give an accurate picture (type of software, level of expertise, and so on). Then make a list of your relevant experience and include the unpaid work is relevant—give the same details you would for paid work. • Other related experience : Mention skills and hobbies that relate to the job or “round you out,” especially if you can point to an achievement such as a junior hockey championship and the like.
  • Then you need to decide the headings at the start of your résumé. Here are some common choices: • Letterhead : At the top of the résumé, put your name, address, phone number, email address, and web-page URL (if you have a web page). • Objectives : Include this element if you have a specific and realistic objective or objectives related to the job. • Summary of experience/Career summary : A career summary section can show how your work experience has made you suitable for the position. Include your best and most relevant qualifications. • Fitness for the job : List personal (relevant) qualities you’ve developed that make you the ideal candidate, such as leadership ability. The top of the first page of your résumé might look something like the one below: ( see attachment)
  • The career summary could also have broken down Mike’s accomplishments under headings such as “Leadership and Management Skills,” “Communication Skills,” “Physical Fitness,” and so on. Bulleted lists are often appropriate in these sections. Be sure, however, that your lists are parallel; that is, each item in a list must begin with the same type of grammatical unit: noun, verb, participle (e.g., an “-ing” verbal), etc. Note that, legally, you do not have to state the following on your résumé or in your cover letter:
  • • whether you are male or female (unless it’s a condition of employment), • whether you’re married or single, • what religious affiliation you have, or • what ethnic or racial group you belong to (unless it’s a condition of employment). You are now ready to write the rest of your résumé. There are three basic résumé styles: reverse chronological , functional , and combined (chronological and functional) . In the next sections, we’ll look at each type, along with the electronic, scannable résumé.please include the cover letter. It is usually no longer than two pages, in bulleted form, and very concise.

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