Write an essay 4 to 5 pages in text

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The goal of a position paper is to convince the audience that an opinion is valid. Ideas need to be carefully examined in developing the position, and organizing the paper. It is very important to address all sides of the issue and present it in a manner that is easy for the audience to understand.. It is important to support your position with evidence to ensure the validity of the claims.

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4-5 pages (not including the title and references page). Write in complete sentences, appropriate grammar, 12 point font, and APA Format. Include a formal outline, title page and reference page. Reference all sources using APA format (minimum 2 plus your iBook).

Question for Consideration and Topic Exploration:

After reading Chapter 2 in the iBook describe Symbolic Interactionist theory along with George Herbert Mead. Please use proper APA when paraphrasing from an author.

In thinking about the social institution of the family, choose the definition of the family that is most relevant to you. What factors impacted your choice? Why do people take on values of the group of which they are members?

Provide 3 examples of how your definition of yourself is influenced by your environment, social relationships and the groups you belong to (give one example of each).

Describe Goffman’s theory. Discuss how you see social media fitting into Goffman’s theory. Do you think it is legitimizes his theory?

How does social media and culture distort our perception?

You need to cite 3 sources using APA style. There needs to be in text quotes and/or paraphrasing (cited using APA) and a reference page with your sources.

  • 2 peer reviewed or scholarly articles (such as journal of marriage and family therapy)
  • 1 iBook

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