Write an Essay in Art’s history.

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The essay should be a minimum of 4 pages long.

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4 pages long,  (A4) (It’s must be 4 full pages, A4 ,)

using normal margins, 

12 point font and double spaced. 

You should cite all references used (at least 3 and NO Wikipedia No Internet copy). 

 You may chose from the topics below. 

 1) The Renaissance was a time of many innovations and developments in art (such as linear perspective, the rise of the status of the artist, the revival of classical influence, etc). Choose one innovation or development. Use specific artists associated with that development as examples, and discuss its significance. 

 2) Examine the influence of the Protestant Reformation on the art of Northern Europe. Choose at least two artists to use as examples.

 3) Using two artists as your examples, examine the difference in artistic approach between the Neo-Classicists and the Romantic artists of the late 18th and early 19th century. 

 4) Discuss the influence of Orientalism on Western art. You may chose to focus on early 19th century Romanticism and artists such as Delacroix, or the later 19th century interest in Japonisme and artists such as Degas and Van Gogh. 

 5) Using two to three artists as your examples, explain why the center of the artworld shifted after the First World War to New York.


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