writing assignment with APA style

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the assignment about(creating public health media campaign around nutrition and indivduals eating habits can potentially have both positive and unintended negative effects. For example, a positive outcomes of public health campaign might be to improve nutrition and reduce risks for obesity.On the other hand , unintended negative outcome might be that the campaign makes teens feel even worse about their overweight bodies, eating behivios and themselves.

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requiers: prépare 3 page that presents two supporting arguments demonstrating positive outcomes and two supporting arguments demonstrating optional unintended negative outcomes .then describe (do you think the message is more likely to have a positive or negative outcome? explain why?)

be sure to use quality , peer -reviewed research and evidence

cite your in text references and create your list or references in APA style

clearly distinguish between your opinion and that of others (be sure to use in text citation)

maintain an objective and professional tone in your writing

be specific and provide support from literature for your statement.

present your words not the words of others from literature


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