You will create a portfolio that summarizes your experiences as an Interdisciplinary Studies Major but also allows you to present your background in a meaningful way to potential employers, graduate p

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You will create a portfolio that summarizes your experiences as an Interdisciplinary Studies Major but also allows you to present your background in a meaningful way to potential employers, graduate programs, or other interested parties.  Your portfilio must include the following:

Title Page

Table of Contents

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Interdisciplinary Autobiography (completed earlier in the semester)

Personal discovery section (include a personal SWOT:  strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats for future success).  Ideally, this assignment will help you identify what characteristics make someone in your chosen field successful as well as help you identify your personal strengths and weaknesses and how those either help or hinder your future success.

Career Section:  Resume, unofficial copy of academic transcripts, samples of writing/artwork/design/lesson plans/projects, and other information you think a professional in your field would find useful when evaluating you as a potential job candidate.

You will create a portfolio that summarizes your experiences as an Interdisciplinary Studies Major but also allows you to present your background in a meaningful way to potential employers, graduate p
Running head: AN AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF ME 0 An Autobiography of Me Your name Your institute’s name An Autobiography of Me Ever since the childhood, I was triggered by the sounds of the machines. I remember whenever my mother used to run anything in the kitchen, I would jump in to the kitchen stool and look at it with such curiosity that my mother would have a hearty laugh. I would look in to the machines when they were not running; turning them upside down and pressing their buttons; my mother would say, “you little engineer!” This is when I used to say to myself, I would become an engineer when I will grow up. I worked hard through out my high school and never left the idea of how I loved the machines. I always put my love for machines in my grades so that I would one day enter in to the college on dreams and get a degree about mechanics. I was actually mesmerized by the mechanics of the machinery. I made sure that I get good grades not only in science and mathematics but also other close fields like languages. It helped me in understand how well mechanics can be done in other ways. The thirst of more knowledge led me in to understanding that I needed to take things to the next level. That is where I got that idea. In high school, an interesting thought hit me. What it would be like if we get to know about mechanics from another field’s perspective. I needed to know about machines more than the books. I need to learn them like really know them. So, I looked for another field which could possibly provide such perspectives which are not common for a mechanical engineer. And I found interdisciplinary studies. This was that idea which opened such windows that it enlightened me to the core. My emphasis was on the learning about more and more about mechanics and I was ready to do anything for it. I had plan in my mind and I worked on it. I gave my heart over this idea when I will be studying interdisciplinary studies along with mechanical engineering. I still cannot forget the day when I was enrolled in the college of my dream. I was over the ninth cloud. I was having dreams of machines all might long. I remember when my parents send me off, I was ready to get started. And then, I finally got in to the class where I was about to get in to the interdisciplinary studies. What a roller-coaster ride this course had been. To be honest, I was skeptical in the beginning. I wanted to learn quickly and as much faster as possible but the pace of the course was slowing me down. I was giving up on. The course was not turning out as I had expected and I was not coping with that. But what I did not realized in the beginning was that I was looking a mechanics of a machine in a whole new light. This course was opening new chapters and I was just not paying enough attention to the things I was learning. Once I payed attention towards that chance, I fell hard for this course. Maybe I needed this. Maybe this course was what I was looking for. That is why, I decided to opt interdisciplinary studies as my majors. Disciplinary studies have showed me what new changes can be made in to the field of mechanical engineering. The new ideas, the wide perspective and the thought of using them in future in market made me so happy inside. It was because I knew how these ideas are going to change the line of mechanical engineering. Mechanical engineering is all about the working of machines and how they can be made or are made actually. I was in love with machines from the time I can remember. I loved watching them run, I loved hearing them. But what made me get in to disciplinary studies as majors was the idea of learning about them in entirely new manner. If I am being honest, I jumped back in to the field of disciplinary studies by one small incident. I was once interested in the idea of how electricity is produced my machines. I was integrated with the prospect of damns and electricity production. That is when I was actually forced to get involved in to ideas other than machines. I looked into the matter and saw the hydraulic pumps. Th ideas of water dropping on certain machines and passing through them and this whole process generating mass production of electricity; I was mesmerized. That is when I started working deeply in to this field from a fresh start. I felt like there are so many things that we can do with a machine. I was excited with this concept that machines can be created to have multi-functions and they perform excellent and results are always outstanding. This is what I was looking for when I first opted for the disciplinary studies. Being able to create something which will re-define the definition of engineering and at the same time, that things is all about engineering. I am still in love with this idea. More interestingly, the concept was widening my vision about engineering at the same time. My vision was, sadly confined to a limit. But when I looked in to the likelihood of new ideas, my heart began to pump much faster. I say, disciplinary studies must be applied to every field. This is not difficult; this is not exactly the same. It just opens up your mind to think outside the box. Your thinking is not restricted to a small ratio. I state again and again that I got in to engineering because I loved machines but my love was lacking something and my BIS filled that gap. I know somewhere inside I am glad that I selected this program and my course is simply great but if I hadn’t picked this. I would be wandering around, holding degree and not inventing new ideas out of anything. I don’t want to sound cheesy but yes this is absolutely true. BIS saved me and I am more than glad. At this moment, I believe that my status of studies has made me this strong that I can confidently head in to the market and compete without any issue regarding my field. We all know that market is full of such engineers who are not only fresh but they also have brilliant jobs. But honestly speaking, if they only add some different perspective in to their lives, they will see what difference they make in to the lives of others. The basic purpose of such studies is to bring more knowledge and that knowledge must be put to proper use. We all know that only with proper usage of the information and ideas, we can create something so different yet wonderfully beneficial that we will be remembered to years. If this is not what you want, then I don’t know what it is then. Being a mechanical engineer made me realize what a blessing it is to be able to produce wonderful machines which help out our daily routine and make life easy. It is a miracle that we are able to do such things otherwise life would have been so different. I sometime think how life would have been if there was no machinery? I am sure there would have been a lot of difference as the amount of efforts would have been double or may be tripled. An interesting fact to be mention here; we human are now dependent on machines. Yes, as weird it may sound but it is nothing but reality. Machines were made to make our life easy and we were in control of them. Now the time has changed so much that we cannot think of taking step without the aid of a machine. We have now designed specified machined for specified operations. From small to large, from light to heavy; even our drinks and dinners are somewhat dependent upon them. All this philosophical concept of machines controlling us make me exciting. I believe that we are so capable of creating such wonderful concepts that it I beyond explanation. No doubt, we are the supreme creation of God Almighty. He has blessed us with such integrate brain which comes up with innovative ideas and has given us the ability to grasp knowledge. Interdisciplinary studies have made it clear to me that despite being an engineer, there is so much to learn and so much to do about machines. How we can plant these ideas and use them to intervene new ideologies. Interesting it is, isn’t it? we humans are in control of machines while it is us who creates them. No wonder science-fiction movies take a blast out of this concept. I still remember when I first combined my studies of mechanical engineering with interdisciplinary studies, I had a very little idea of what I am getting myself in to. I knew it would be different but this different! I am glad that I selected this field. It has opened new ways to install my ideas and studies and bring positive change in to my life and life of others. After all, we do live for others. What is a life where there is no benefit for others? Furthermore, my course has given me such insight and hearing other people’s opinions; it’s surprising how other people think. What wonderful ideas they come up with. Human brain is a mystery to be honest. We never know how it work or what new crazy Idea it will come up with. As much I love the sound the machines make, my love for human brain is same if not more. It is sad actually that more people don’t use their brain up to its potential. Only a handful of people are able to have a proper usage of it and we all know what those people have done to the mankind. Mechanical engineering and interdisciplinary studies come together so wonderfully and bring such amazing changes to the life that we are literally obliged to them for lifetime. Having being able to intervene two field together for goodness is nothing short of fineness and exceptional approaches. I am glad that I was able to enjoy my mother’s kitchen with all her little cooking machinery because today I am able to bring positive changes in to my life and others.

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