You will prepare and submit a term paper on Is There Enough Food to Go Around. Your paper should be a minimum of 250 words in length.

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You will prepare and submit a term paper on Is There Enough Food to Go Around. Your paper should be a minimum of 250 words in length. Is There Enough Food to Go Around? With diminishing food production resources, the myth that circulates around the globe is that there is no enough food to cater for every person. Today’s world produces enough quantity of grains to provide adequate for every human being living on earth with approximately three thousand five hundred calories in a single day. That is sufficient amount of food to make nearly everyone grow fat. This estimate has not included the types of foods that are commonly eaten such as beans, nuts, vegetables, fruits and fish among others. If all these foods are put into consideration then, there is enough food on earth for every single individual. Abundance best describes the quantity of food supply in the world today. The rate of food production has increased tremendously (Einarsson, n. pag).

Despite having enough food for everybody on earth, unfortunately, some people still go hungry. This is extremely shocking more so in the developing countries where hunger is being experienced in the face of ample amount of food. It is noted that even the countries that are considered the most devastated by hunger do have enough for all its citizens. If these countries export more of their agricultural products than they do import, then they end up suffering from food insecurity (

The world today has demonstrated over-reliance on corn as a source of calories. Corns are used in preparing almost every single diet in the menu. Additionally, it has proved to be the most productive crop across the world. Its seeds are edible while its stalks are detrimental in generation of biogas, feeding animals and manures. This simply tells us that we cannot do without it in everyday part of our lives. Therefore, corn meals become part of daily human diet. The overdependence on this crop has led to the development of genetically modified corn to speed up the production so that it can match the demands globally. Genetically modified products are associated with health problems hence corns that are modified are not good for human health if over consumed. With increased production, the environment becomes over utilized leading to nutrient depletion in the soil (Misselhorn et al., 7).

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