Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on role of leadership in managing quality.

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Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on role of leadership in managing quality. Moreover leaders establish a particular direction for their followers which allow them in managing the internal environment of the organization, business, school, institute, nation etc. Once the adherents follow guidance provided by their leader efficiently they can ultimately achieve their targeted goals, aims and objectives in an organized manner. Hence it is clearly evident that quality can easily be maintained with good leadership on any stage or medium as it is the excellence of leaders who are able to set objectives efficiently and assist their followers in implementing those objectives within specified time limits (, 2012). In Big Organization Considering the role of leaders in big organization it is found that leaders are proactive and lead their employees through providing example. The employees follow such instances after being inspired by the charismatic leadership of their leader rather than having a sense of dictatorship. A good leader is one who leads in a manner which is depicted through implementation and then leading through actions as opposed to simply dictating their rules and actions without exemplifying any real instances. Leaders recognize and act in response to the variation of the external environment and completely understand the ups and downs of the changing external environment. They are then able to communicate the right direction to their followers for attaining quality in work. The role of leadership in a big organization is to comprehend the requirements of every stakeholder such as clients, owners, suppliers, working staff, general public and any other concerned associate of the business. Every stakeholder formulates the significant part of the quality management process hence they all combine to have an effect on organization’s success. It is the quality of good leadership to induce ethical values throughout their organization which can be achieved through organization’s mission statement or they can themselves become role models for inspiring their employees for becoming a strategic part of quality management initiative (, 2011). True leadership has the ability to equip their employees with the essential resources and struggle to fulfil their duty with sincerity and accountability. The entire organization can be motivated by true leaders for fulfilling their duties and get everyone involved in the process of quality management. It is essential at this stage that leaders must inspire and recognize the contributions and efforts made by employees at all levels which will further instigate a sense of accountability amongst employees and will inspire them in attaining more results and they will voluntarily involve more in quality management procedures. This entire process is dependent on the inputs from both sides whether it is the leader or it is the company’s workforce (Ovretveit, 2005). In Educational Institution The educational field has also changed considerably in a manner that education administration is now treated more towards the scope of educational management which is now further improvised and transformed into educational leadership. This example is clearly evident from the ceremony held in 2000 having the inauguration of the National College for School Leadership in England. The expression ‘instructional leadership’ is basically derived from North America and it has been superseded in England and all around the world by the concept of ‘learning centred leadership’.

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