Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on the concept of structural violence.

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Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on the concept of structural violence. It can be seen that structural violence exists in different forms today and the reasons behind it can be quite different altogether. Many people are currently using rituals as a defense mechanism for their conducted maltreatment against children. This however is included in the definition of structural violence that is being practiced all over the world.

Structural violence can only be removed with the help of the whole society and this can only be achieved if the deeper roots of the problem are recognized. This essay would further focus on structural violence against children and how it has been conceptualized over the years. Structural violence has roots deep amongst the classes to which a child belongs in this world. It has been co-related with the aspects of wealth and poverty so as to bring out a combination against the term.

According to Goldstein (1999), structural violence primarily affects the impoverished people because of which they are not able to live their childhood as wealthy children would. Goldstein believes that the paradigm of structural violence arises when children are forced to stay out of their homes at their tender ages. She cites an incident where a child is made to polish another child’s shoes for some coins in the suburbs of Brazil. This incident clearly shows that the child who is polishing the shoes did not deserve to have such a future but he was entitled to have it because of the background he came within this world. She believes that structural violence has made its way in the society upon children because parents may have previously lived under the same impoverished conditions which made them strict and harder on their children.

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Goldstein cites another incident where Graca, a struggling woman, kicks one of her daughters out on the streets only because she disobeyed her mother. But it is later on pointed out that Graca had lived in impoverished conditions and in order to run a household she was supposed to be hard on the children she had to take care of. It becomes rather clear that structural violence is a paradigm of factors that account for many incidents that may occur after realizing the situation Graca in. It can be compared to a rich household, in which individuals do not have to take care of minor things such as disobedience.

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